Issue with "Save records as PDF" in script performed by FileMaker Server

Discussion created by Flieger_FREDV on Mar 2, 2018
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this occurs with FileMaker Server 16, running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.


I have a schedule that runs every night to produce PDF files.

FMS puts the PDFs in it's 'documents' folder via "Save records as PDF", but on certain layouts the script step returns error 800 (Unable to create file on disk). When I run this script on the same machine with a FileMaker client (after changing the path for the PDF files to generate ;-) it runs flawlessly.

Running the script on FileMaker Server 16 on a Mac OS X server also works fine.


I found that the FMS on Windows apparently doesn't like two graphics on the report layouts, one in my documents' header and one in a container field. If I remove these two, the Windows FMS creates all PDFs without error.

Does FileMaker Server maybe use a different PDF library on Windows than the client?


Any help or suggestion appreciated,