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How to delete an entire line when a variable is empty

Question asked by jaywalker7 on Mar 2, 2018
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I'm trying to write a calculation field that will delete a line (with a leading string, although this could be chnaged to be a variable too) when a variable is empty.


It will look something like this;


"Datecode- " & Returned Sprocket Item::Sprocket1Datecode  & ¶ & "Part Number- "  &  Returned Sprocket Item::Sprocket1CustPN  & ¶ & Pictures::Sprocket1Gear1  &  Returned Sprocket Item::Sprocket1ToothWear1


Except with about ten lines. If for example I don't have a value for a datecode, I don't want that or the leading string "datecode" to appear in the final calculated result. I've tried using the hiding tools but then formatting is a nightmare.


Thanks for the help!

P.s. I feel like this FileMaker Custom Function:RemoveValue ( Value ; ValueList )  and this


filterLines( filterField; filterValue )



Case( IsEmpty( filterField );"" ;


Let ([

numValues = ValueCount( filterField );

topValue=LeftValues ( filterField; 1 );

match=Case(PatternCount(topValue; filterValue); topValue);

remainValues=RightValues( filterField; numValues-1)];


match & filterLines( remainValues; filterValue) 




are close to what I want, but I need it to find variables in general, not a specific value