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Portal filtering with multiple golbal fields with value lists

Question asked by manuelruizga on Mar 4, 2018
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I need some help for filtering a portal with several golbal fields.


First of all, I need a portal to show all related records, then, I need to be able to filter it by using multiple gobal fields.


In this particular case, I need 4 global fields called "Fase", "Concepto", "Idioma" and "Procurador". If you click any of these global fields, a diferent value list will pop up depending on the global field selected. All these value list will have a blank option to empty the global field. Only the related records matching the "not empty" global fields must show up.



Now, I only have showing two records. However, I is thought to have many records.


I have seen an aproach using SQL that does exactly this. However, if all the global fields are empty, no records show up.


Would you do it by a calculation on the portal filtering feature?