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Hide fields / data dynamically for cleaner list layout

Question asked by evance on Mar 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by evance

Hi there,


maybe the desired outcome isn't possible in FileMaker but I am sure hoping it is... I am currently building a list layout and am hoping to be able to tweak the output so it doesn't repeat itself.



Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-03 um 17.22.06.png


There are a couple of sorts / omits happening in the design-sketch, first we sort by week number (9,10) and then by date (03.03.2017,06.03.2017,...).


Essentially those are 8 data-rows and we hide the preceding fields if they have already been placed on the layout once.


I can sort and sub-summarize just fine but then I need to work with another row and ideally that wouldn't be necessary...


Any idea on how to make this happen? Can I use the 'hide object when...' function in some way? Or a clever technique of weaving together the sub-summaries...?


Thanks & regards!