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Not able to edit posts/comments.

Question asked by bigtom on Mar 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by disabled_minifarm

So I had some issues with Jive and updating a File Resource. In the process I deleted the file. I had to create a new file resource which not has a new link. The original is now a broken link.


There is a Discussion that has a link to the File Resource. When I went back to update the link, editing was not possible. It seems that some posts and comments are able to be edited and some are not. What is going on here? I should be able to edit anything I write any time. Now anyone finding the discussion will get a broken link and hopefully be motivated enough to scale further to get the new link. Worse is anyone following the original File link has lost a followed resource. My current solution is to not add resources to the community and use outside file hosting/links as I can control them 100%. That is another topic I guess.


I do understand why editing an original Idea is not allowed, but not allowing regular discussion and comment edits is a detriment to the community.


At worst, any sort of time limit should be defined and published. At best there should be not time limit on editing.


What is the truth on this exactly?