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Record/Portal Numbering

Question asked by bleyden on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by bleyden

I have tried to look at some other posts but I'm having trouble relating them to my solution, so I do apologize!


I was able to set up my conditional value list thanks to philmodjunk, so now I just have one last step for this section of my solution: getting sequential numbers that restart for each record.  In short, I have my Course table which, and each course is comprised of different sections that relate to the course.  I would like to have a 3-digit number (i.e 001, 002, etc) that is automatically entered when a section is created for a course, but make it so that it restarts when a section is created in a different course.  Basically, if I have Math 101, I can add sections 001, 002, etc., and then when I go to English 101 and add a section it will start back at 001.  Each section does have a unique ID number to for relationship purposes, this new number is just to identify it sequentially within the course. 


Thanks for the help!  Yall are lifesavers!