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Authenticate to FM App with FileMaker Community (Jive)?

Question asked by eric on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by eric

How might someone use the FileMaker Community to authenticate to a FileMaker app?


  1. Assuming a FileMaker Community member is already logged in to the Community before opening an application (in FileMaker Pro, Go, or WebDirect), would there be a way to identify the Community user name and automatically log them in to the FileMaker app?
  2. If an app is already open (in FileMaker Pro, Go, or WebDirect), can users be securely prompted to authenticate against the FileMaker Community so the app can identify them (kind of the way some websites use Facebook to authenticate)?


I thought perhaps this would be an interesting way to integrate a user group meeting app's RSVP functionality to the Community, with other potential uses (e.g. DevCon2Go).


Of course, any solution would have to at least protect the Community user account. Protecting the FM App from data entry is of less concern to me, but the more secure the better without having to do much account management.


Seeing that this is a FileMaker app developer community, I imagine integration with Jive would have been one of the first things considered here.