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Pre-Populate a many-to-many table

Question asked by matt.titcombe on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by philmodjunk

Everyone, I have a newbie question I can't figure out.  I am trying to automate some processes for my company using FileMaker.  In this case, we are trying to automate tracking of client projects against predefined project types.


FileMaker works perfectly until I get to the many-to-many table. 


For each unique client project (Client Project Name) there are 100-200 unique project steps (Project Step ID) our tech have to follow in an engagement.  As a part of the client project set up, we load the Project Type Name as a validated lookup from the Project Type table.  So I want to use this info to pre-populate the tracking table and avoid human errors.


So here is what I can't figure out how to do in FileMaker:  If the Client Project.Client Project Name for the record does not exist in the Project Tracking.Client Project Name and Project Tracking.Client Project Name has no other blank records, then insert into Project Tracking the Project Step ID values for the Project Type associated  and set each new record's Project Tracking.Client Project Name to Client Project.Client Tracking Name.


Ultimately, I want a button on the Client Project layout that when the user clicks it, it pulls the Client Project.Client Project Name for the active record and uses that to compete the steps above.


Any help would be appreciated!!!!


Matt (a.k.a., FileMaker newb)