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Open Remote - Show Only These Files

Discussion created by Johan Hedman on Mar 6, 2018
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The dialog to change settings for a Remote Host in FMP have been the same for a very long time. But it was not until today that a colleague to be showed me something that I had now idea of and find very insecure


The dialog look like this

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 13.26.33.png


When I have chosen "Show only these files" it would assume that it would only show me the files that I have chosen in the list and only that. But what I was told today and have checked in earlier version (this is FMPA16v4) of FMP (tested in 13/14/15) is that I can enter a hidden databases name here and it will appear in files that I see going through this Remote Host.


If I have chosen not show my file, meaning hidden then I under no circumstances do I want anyone to have a chance to reach the file.


If I have a solution running in separation model with say Data and GUI file. Then I do not want my users to reach the Data file. Then what is the reason for use being able to not show the file if users can add it manually to Remote Host?