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Web publishing for amateurs

Question asked by ergo99 on Mar 6, 2018
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Dearest Filemaker Community,


I've been volunteering on a project that has minimal funding for about the past year, and have developed an FM16 server-hosted database. We have researchers entering data both locally on our network and overseas via WebDirect. The database is an archive of open source reports of alleged humanitarian law violations in a particular conflict.


The time has come for us to start looking at publishing the archive to the web. Firstly, so that it can be used by institutions; then later for it to become a publically available resource. For the first stage the option might be to create some new, user-friendly WebDirect layouts. However, for the second stage, WebDirect is obviously not going to be suitable. We will need to create a dynamic website, displaying records from at least two of the tables.


The thing is, I have minimal experience in html and nothing beyond that, along with no real experience in web design (beyond Wix…), but I do have a solid understanding of FM16. I want to see how much I can do on my own without the project having to fork out for web development, particularly if the developer will also need FM expertise.


From what I can see by researching the web publishing options available (yes, including this forum), the new FM Data API seems to be the most appropriate and streamlined way forward. On looking through the Data API guide, tutorials, webinars etc. it looks like JSON is something I could learn. One "path" that I've seen towards our goal is to set up something like a Wordpress website and then use the Wordpress REST API plugin to pull data from the database. I haven't gone through it properly, but perhaps something like this? On an ongoing basis, I would be available to devote only about 1-2 days/week to this though. We will likely also receive further funding so this should become paid work.


Because of my minimal experience, I have no idea if this is a realistic goal or not. I also just have no grasp of quite how this would all work, what the website would look like etc. (can anyone point me in the direction of examples?)


Perhaps it's better to outsource the task, but could anyone tell me exactly what/who we should be looking for, and what value (if any) my own FM knowledge will bring?


Many thanks