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How to report counting event types by owner?

Question asked by jpbarna on Mar 6, 2018
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I have a list of records that have several columns, named (for example) Event A, Event B, Event C and an owner column (a person).


I need to report with summaries how many events combinations each owner has of the several possible combinations.


My idea was to concatenate the values in a calculation field so I have "Event A Event B" for Owner A, then "Event A Event C" for Owner A, then "Event A Event B Event C" for Owner A, etc and so. In each record I have the owner and the event (A and/or B and/or C) that a single record has. If I concatenate the value I visually see how many occurrences of each combination per owner I have but how can I make FileMaker calculate it and show a report ordered by owner and then events combinations?