Calc to produce text

Discussion created by tays01s on Mar 7, 2018
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If I use:

If(P ≤ 1.0;"nTEXT¶"; "")

I get the correct text in the text field. If I use

If(P ≤ 1.0;"n"; "")


It shows only the 'n' until I click into the field.


The reason the latter is preferable is that there are several levels of 'P' so I'd like to make the calc less verbose.


2. I would like to take the previous days's 'P' field value into account. The 'P' field is on a 'Biochem' table related to aparent 'Person' table and linked by a uuID. What functions should I consider to take that previous date, not necessarily the previous Biochem record.