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WebDirect Go To Portal Row

Question asked by Jonathan Jeffery on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

I have a Web Direct solution, and I want to take the user to a layout, and go to a portal row. The scripting is simple, but I'm finding that the Go To Portal Row script step is causing a problem.


It will happily go to the portal row (I can see that the cursor is inserted into the first field in the correct row), but it does not scroll the portal to bring the row into view! The user still has to scroll down to find the record they want!


The portal isn't complex (just a few fields and, at maximum, a dozen or so rows), and so there is not an issue with load-times.


I see in FM's documentation that WebD has only 'partial' support for this script step ( FileMaker Pro 16 Help  ) although I'm not sure that I understand the description of the limitation 'In FileMaker WebDirect, the cursor moves next to the specified row, but the row is not selected.'


My question is, has anyone got a workaround for this bug/feature ?