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SQL without relations

Question asked by heinrichh on Mar 7, 2018
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I want to get values via SQL from a table, that includes some value for the employess.

Here's an example , what I am exactly mean:

Relation: Employee <-> Commission <-> Sales_Success


By typing a value on the Employee-Layout, the user should see the graduation of the employee. The graduation should be defined in the table 'sales_success' depending on the typed value for "sold_contracts".


The table 'sales_success' contains the ranges for defining the grads of the employee.



>10 = 'standard'

>20 = 'Gold'

>30 = 'Premium"


So far, so good, but, if I enter the value in the field 'sold_contracts' (e.g. 12), and put that value as a parameter into my SQL-Query, in expectation to get the graduation 'Gold' and show that on the layout "emplyee", the query gives the errormsg <Table has no relation>.


With SQL it should be not necassary to make a relation, or have I misunderstood something?.


Thanks in advance