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Our FM13 webserver returns a blank page

Question asked by on Mar 7, 2018
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Let me start by saying that we have no in-house expertise with Filemaker, and a negligible amount of expertise with IIS7.


We have a server on site running IIS7 and Filemaker 13 Server edition. Sometimes they connect using the Filemaker 13 desktop application, but sometimes they connect via a webpage. Recently the department that uses this webpage reported that it now just produces a blank page.


I've raised this issue on the Spiceworks community site and got some very helpful and friendly responses but no resolution yet.


I'm hoping that someone here might have an idea as to what's going on to help us reach a fix.


Rather than type out all the details again, I'm going to be cheeky and post a link to the discussion instead (this way you can see the background info and what has been suggested so far):

Filemaker and IIS (7) - Windows Server - Spiceworks


This issue has been going on for a few weeks now, mostly with a 3rd-party vendor who provide FM support, but not so much IIS support. I realise this is a FM forum not an IIS forum, but still I'm hoping someone here my have the cross-technology skills to identify the fix.





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