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FLT licensing: work offline and sync

Question asked by AndresLP on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2018 by skywillmott

I have a possible project where the client would be willing to get an FLT license, initially for 5 users. This solution would be accessed both from people inside the office and also by sales people on the road, when they have an internet connection available.


One of the requirements in that they would need to work offline from their laptops when the server is not available (for instance, when they are in a plane) and sync the data with the server file once they have access to an internet connection back again.


My understanding is that there is no problem to work offline with FMGo (iPhone or iPad), since they are not linked to an specific server. However, with FLT licensing, FMPro are linked to a server and if the client is not connected to the server, FileMaker Pro would close after about 15 minutes. Therefore FLT wouldn't be an option if they need to work offline from laptops using FileMaker Pro, am I right?


I understand that there are other legacy licensing options but the price is higher and there is some uncertainty about how much longer are they going to be available for updates. My concern would be advising the client to buy a licensing legacy option (just FMS + separate FMP + separate connections for FMGo and WD) but not been able to update server and clients when a new version becomes available.


Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!