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Creating Film Database - Want a Credit?

Question asked by pixel8tor on Mar 7, 2018
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Hi! Have you ever wanted a movie credit listed on I’m a film director and post-production supervisor on an incredible feature documentary movie. Shot over 10 years, the film follows over 30 at-risk teen girls growing up in the middle of America as the American Dream fades. My team and I are building the footage database and while I’ve built a killer team including Oscar-nominated crew, sadly there's no budget (the film’s been funded fully by donations), but I really need an awesome FM developer. In my career, I’ve edited two of the documentaries on “The Lord of the Rings - Two Towers” DVD. That project also had me wrangling thousands of hours of footage for Peter Jackson's behind-the-scenes cut - and without the benefit of a database - so I know how important an FM developer is.


In the past, I designed several client FM databases, but only the front end (the architecture, layout, fields), but I was able to hire fantastic FM developers for the magic. So on our film’s database, I realize I’m in over my head.


Our film’s database is designed to log our raw footage, cast, appearances of cast and cuts we are creating. The great news is my team and I have spent the last four months creating the architecture, tables, fields and layouts - and labeled their needed functions. Most of the database appears to be simple field entry, however some areas are more complex than our development skills allow. (See our tables below.)


My dream is to have an FM developer look at my relationships and streamline it with me so I can get the database working correctly. Other hurdles I’m facing are: my script writing ability is poor. Others are: performing multiple search parameters within portals simultaneously and quickviews of portals. For example, to default show “best of” Appearances but also be able to click “See all” (Appearances). And a few other questions, for example: what is the best way to put a pop-up with a portal in a portal?


Our film's tables:

  1. I. Events
  2. Ia. Common film events
  3. Ib. Appearances (cast appearances)
  4. II. People

IIa. Contact info

    IIb. Messages

    IIc. Documents/Releases

    IId. Related People

  1. III. Logs (footage logs) 

IIa. TC Entries (multiple entries per tape/clip)

  1. IV. Scripts
  2. V. Cuts
  3. VI. Tech Reports
  4. VII. Quickfinder


If you’re interested in getting an awesome film credit of your choosing please ping me. Perhaps you could point us in the right direction or help navigate the more complex areas of our database. But seriously, any and all advice is welcome.


Here is my contact information:

Tara Veneruso 829-0180