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Novice help needed with counting & renaming fields based on count result.

Question asked by lord_snooty on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by philmodjunk

I would be most grateful if anybody could provide a total novice with a solution to my problem outlined below; I’m running Filemaker Pro 14.

I have two related tables; Services Location and Service Identity. I have a layout based on the services location on which I have a portal to the Service Identity (set to create records via relationship). Also on this layout I have number of different buttons with a simple script for each to pass the primary key thus identifying the newly created record as a child (appearing in the portal). This script also sets a field (Service Type) in the related new record to a pre-defined text dependent on which button is pressed. So far no problem.

What I want to do is have a count of each particular pre-defined service type, and from this generate another field that joins the service type with the count producing a unique name for each, for example;

I have two buttons, one for Wash hand basins, the other for Baths.

If I press the Wash hand button a new record is created, appearing in the portal with the name “Wash Hand Basin 1”. If I press it again a new record is created but this time it is named “Wash Hand Basin 2” etc. etc. If I press the bath button a new record is created called “Bath 1” and so on.

I am sure there must be an easy solution but I am completely new to Filemaker and have found it relatively easy to set up the ‘framework’ but calculations & scripting are a different matter, so any solution needs to be simple and in layman’s terms!

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Also does anybody know if there is a college/evening course, or one on one tuition for Filemaker anywhere in the West Midlands. I have searched the net but there seems to be a chronic lack of such tuition except for very expensive one/two day courses dotted around the country. I know there are a number of online courses/videos which are great for a general feel for the platform, but useless when you come across a problem that is just beyond your expertise. How did all you ‘experts’ out there learn how to programme Filemaker?