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Barcode scanning suggestions

Question asked by Jon1 on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by eoin

I am looking to implement a barcode scanner into my FileMaker program. Initially I will be scanning a barcode that just consists of a long number. I can do that now with my iPhone and FileMaker Go. However, I want to roll this out in a warehouse environment with very large products that can weigh roughly 1 ton. That makes moving the product near a computer with a USB scanner inefficient. The warehouse environment makes me reluctant to use an expensive iPhone or iPad. They are sure to get dropped in front of a forklift. Some of these products can be stacked very high - up to 20 feet high - so I would prefer to use a long range laser scanner. 

The next steps in my application would be to use it more for inventory and include more scanning beyond just the long number. Some of these products contain multiple barcodes so I would ultimately like to make it so they can scan each barcode into the same record. For example, the barcodes include an ID number, weight and width. When a new item comes in, the warehouse attendant can scan each barcode one after the other and populate each field. I am guessing that to make that work they would have to scan in a specific order or put the focus in each field before scanning. 

I am looking for any recommendations on how best to approach this. Is there a recommended wireless laser scanner that can be used? Is it only possible to do with an Apple iOS device? Would an iPod Touch work instead of an iPhone attached to some other device to turn into a laser scanner? Do any Windows scan guns work? Fortunately the warehouses do have good wi-fi. 

Thank you