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Can I download a more recent version of php to use with FMP Server 16?

Question asked by sgasch on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by JayGonzales

I use Custom Web Publishing with php pages and am currently using whatever version of php is downloaded with FMP Server 16. However, it appears that the version being used is still back at 5.6.23, while the latest version is 7 something. In fact, when I inquired about this a few years back, I think that FMP was still at the same version.

Is it possible to download the latest, secure (according the Security at NASA) version from somewhere and then still use FMP Server 16?


No one at Tech Support seems to want to answer why they are so far behind, since they don't "Support php", even though they do support using php web pages with FMP Server.


Any thoughts or suggestions??