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Why don't FileMaker Pro/Advanced 16.0.4 and 16.0.5 Updaters for Mac OS Work as Advertised?

Question asked by jdbranum on Mar 9, 2018

The release notes for FileMaker Pro/Advanced 16.0.4 and 16.0.5 updaters for Mac OS state that these updaters work on all prior versions.  This is not true in practice based on multiple update attempts on earlier versions, and also confirmed by our company IT folks who deploy the update packages to our internal update process who examined the package requirements.  Updater 16.0.4 demands installed version 16.0.3, and 16.0.5 demands installed version 16.0.4.   Are the release notes incorrect, or are the update package requirements set incorrectly in these updaters?


The Mac systems I have tested thus far are all OS X 10.12.6.  I will be trying again on a newer system running 10.13 to see if this issue is OS version-specific.


James Branum

Internal Developer

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California