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Audio plays in container field, but not through 'AVPlayer Play' script step

Question asked by wladdy on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by schamblee

I run FMP Pro Advanced 15 on a Mac.

I want to play audio clips from a container field (mp3 shorter than 3 seconds and stored internally).


My current solution is to put the field itself on the layout. The field box show a generic control bar and the sound does plays as expected.


However, I do not like the look of the generic control bar and I would prefer playing the sound by pressing a button.


Unfortunately, the script step 'AVPlayer Play' does not work. First, I set the source to the container field itself, and then to the field box on the layout. No sound in both cases.


Since the field box itself plays the audio flawlessly, the problem does not come from the sound files.


Help in making me understand what I am obviously missing would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance. W.


PS - I am a bit confused by the site's organisation. If this post appears in a wrong place, please accept my apologies and kindly point me in the proper direction. Thanks.