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Graphics file changing size after cut and paste

Question asked by trainsguy on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by philmodjunk

Let's make believe I have a 300W x 400H image file open in an image editing program.  I than do a simple "ctrl+c" to copy it and then proceed to a filemaker file and do a simple "ctrl+v" to paste it into a container field.  Note that this container field is more than large enough to hold the image's height and width and is set to "maintain original proportions".


After the "paste", the image looks exactly as it appeared in my image editing program and if I were to stop there I'd have no need to be here now making this inquiry, but alas, since today's Twinkies taste nothing like the original I remember from my childhood days, here is where I am.


Let's further make believe I do a simple "ctrl+c" on the image that I pasted into the first container field, and then do a simple "ctrl+v" into a second container field which is the same size and has the same "maintain original proportions" setting as the first field I copied into.


Why does the image now change in size from the original 300W x 400H that was successfully pasted into the first container field to 225W x 300H when copied into the second container field?


There may be additional information you need in order to respond to this which I'll let you ask rather than me now stating all the different things I've tried to work around this which may, or might not, have anything to do with the price of a slice of pizza in Afghanistan when compared to what a pound of roma tomatoes cost in Naples.


Let me also add that I've been using Filemaker since it was Claris so I'm relatively new to this software.


But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.