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PDFs Not Appending When Using Applescript

Question asked by DJacoby on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by bigtom

I am using AppleScript to append a multi-page PDF invoice (named Invoice.pdf) located in a FM container field to a report that is generated and PDF'd to my desktop through Filemaker (named InvoicePackage.pdf).  I combine a number of reports and invoices in a looping script.  All was working until I ran the latest Filemaker fix for FM Pro (16.0.5).  Since I upgraded, the invoice generated thru Applescript is not appending but is creating a separate file on my desktop.  Additionally, each invoice created on my desktop overlays the previous one, so I only have the last invoice of the group included.


Previously I was on 16.0.4, running Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.3).  I have tested the script under 16.0.4 and it works correctly.


I have attached the script code showing my steps to create the report and export it to my desktop (appending to another report).  I have also attached the Applescript code that appends the invoice to this report.