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Dynamic Protal Issue

Question asked by emooz on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by emooz

I have an old database that was initially built in the fp7 file format. In this database There is a global field that uses a checkbox set that controls the relationship to a portal to make it dynamic. This portal as never exhibited this issue until we began using FileMaker 16. When you click one of the checkboxes, it visibly takes some seconds (1-3) to show the change and then it’s as if the record never commits. While the field is in this state, the portal records blink in and out.


This happens on both Mac and Windows, FM 16 pro and FM 16 advanced. It happens if the database is hosted on FM server 14 and FM server 16. It never happens if the database is opened with FM 14 or FM 15 pro or advanced.


I placed an OnObjectModify script trigger with a commit record script step to stop the portal blinking.


Has anyone else observed this issue?