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Conditional Value List from a related table

Question asked by GeoffreyMartin3300 on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2018 by erolst

Hello all,

I've done this before and have modeled my recent success, but am pulling what little hair I have out trying to get this to work.  Simply stated, in one table [Main], I have a field called region_code.  In that same table I have field called status.  I'm trying to pull a value list in another related table based that only gives me region_code(s) that have a status of "active".


I've created a 2nd occurrence of the [Main] table called Main.Active and I've created a global field called var_active with the value "Active" in the [Main] table.  I've set up a relationship between the two occurrences to match the global variable to the status.

MAIN::status = MAIN.Active::var_active


I have a list called Active Regions.  I've tried every iteration of creating the list pointing it region_code in both tables, and using show only related from a second table  and am stuck.  It's showing all of the regions, no regions, 1 region but nothing limited by the active field.


Please help.