Stripping Rich Text Encoding

Discussion created by JonathanCoulter on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by beverly

Anyone know of a plug-in or script that will strip all rich text encoding from a field so all that I have left is plain 'ole text.  I need to be able to run this on a Windows system.  MonkeyBread apparently can do it on a MAC but it doesn't work on a PC.


My data source is not a file from a word processor.  I am interfacing with a SQL database used by a chemical formulation software package.  They store their notation fields in simple RTF format.  I need to pull notes from their system, strip off the RTF, and display as a text field in my solution.


I don't need anything fancy, nor do I need to convert it back to RTF.  I just need to convert RTF to simple text.


Thanks !!