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Question asked by pfroelicher on Mar 10, 2018
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I would like to query a service,

it is at

and substituting then 8 digit field 01001000 with the CEP field in my Database (Brazilian Area code) should give you back an JSON string with the Address, City, State like so.

  "cep": "01001-000",
  "logradouro": "Praça da Sé",
  "complemento": "lado ímpar",
  "bairro": "Sé",
  "localidade": "São Paulo",
  "uf": "SP",
  "unidade": "",
  "ibge": "3550308",
  "gia": "1004"
I have the number, for example 01139050 stored in a field called "CEP' and would like my file to put the content of the field in the url, query it so, and then parse out the returning result into the fields for Street ( Portuguese) and so forth..

I think it is really simple.. :-) But I am new to URL query stuff in Filemaker.