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Simple Report Using 2 Tables

Question asked by kimgrey on Mar 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2018 by kimgrey

I am fairly new to FM but am learning all the time. I have a B&B business which I have set up as 4 tables Income = Guest Detals linked to Income / Expense, Expense = Suppliers linked to Income / Expense the Payments which is linked to Income / Expense. The report I am trying to creat is a 12 month across top Jan, Feb, March etc starting from the month of Apr (Tax Year) will will show and mirror the bank. ie opening balance the total of P_Payments cleared bank for that month then under that total E_Invoicevalues cleared bank the a simple caluclation that will subtract one from other .I can get on one report one or the other but cannot get both. Hope I have explained myself properly any help, support, direction, advice would be truely welcomed while I still have hair. I have attached snapshots of the database whic I hope will help to explain.