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Harbour application - boat slip management

Question asked by drleduc on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2018 by beverly

Hi, this is my first question, ever - really appreciate the support in advance. I am also a new FMP user - I started developing last December! Went through all of the online videos on FMP site, some Guy Stevens, Mark Osborne etc!


I am building an app where I have a harbour (think marina, many boats, only one can be assigned to one location (slip) at any time. I've build a layout that looks like the harbour (screen cap below) and what I would like to do is help the Harbour Master place boat for the upcoming season.


My tables are; MEMBER (the owner of a boat), BOAT (the make, length etc), SLIP (the location where the boat will be docked). Relations are MEMBER -> BOAT -> SLIP. I have this part working, I can list the slips and get boat / member details...


What I would like to do is, for each slip (the white key below - looks like a piano!) have a drop down where I select the BOAT, then that BOAT will not appear again until deselected while assigning boats to the remainder of slips.


I'm having a bit of mental block as to how to do this - but what is entirely new to me is the ability to have something assigned and not appear in the dropdown once assigned..


Thanks very much.