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Minimum height for body of page in list view for web direct ?

Question asked by RolfNoyer on Mar 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by user19752

In a list view, in order for the user to know which record is selcted, the Web Direct guide suggests using conditional formatting for the “active row state”.


The problem I am having is that there seems to be a minimum height for the page body in order for the special formatting of the active row to appear at all in browsers using Web Direct.


It seems to work fine when the body height is at least 64 points — that seems a safe amount from what I can see. For rows under 48 points in height the conditional formatting does not appear in Web Direct at all, except when the page loads initially, for the first selected row, before you move to another record. Then the formatting for the first selected row disappears (and also never reappears if you go back to that record). This shows that the formatting can be rendered on-screen (it’s not hidden off the left side or covered by some object or crowded out by something else) — it is just that somehow it won’t be rendered.


I know that subsequent records are being selected because you can see it in the counter for Record Number.

It makes no difference if you click in the row or move to another row with the “next record” button. Move all you want through the list, but the formatting never changes.


What I find most puzzzling about this is that I can’t seem to discover if there is some hard minimum, like 48 points of height, or not. If I only knew there was some limit, I could try to work with that. But this is a game in which I don’t even know the rules. The performance seems intermittent when the height is in a gray zone of 48-64 points, which makes me wonder if it is a connectivity issue ... hard to explain such irregular behavior, unless the browser is just getting “irritated” with me wanting it to work so hard, and is “tired” of changing colors .... heheheh.


But the fact that no conditional formatting for the active row state appears at all in the body of a list view when it is, say, 32 pt in height, is very surprising to me especially because it works fine in portal rows which are even shorter (say, just 20 pts high).


I’ve looked around and around for some confound that would make this happen and I can’t find one. Has anyone else had this problem or is this a known limitation of Web Direct, or of certain browsers? I tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome on a Mac and had the same issue with all of them.


On a somewhat related note ....


I don’t like changing the background color inside fields because it affects legibility, while leaving only the fields white and changing only the background to another color is also not feasible because the negative space left behind the fields is hardly a pretty shape (and I can’t do anything about that, trust me.)


So I tried putting a single 2-4 point solid-colored border line at the left edge of the active row. This actually mimics what you get in “ɾeal”  Filemaker. Oh, I thought I was clever. But surprise surprise ... adding that border pushes the text to the right by the same increment in the Web Direct browser. That looks bad, with the text popping right and left all the time.


OK, so my brilliance continues and I add the same thickness of white line to the non-active row state. Then the text stops moving back and forth. But the line won’t even appear when the body height is too short.


Anyone else have this issue?