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Auto-Enter Calculation

Question asked by enstorms on Mar 12, 2018
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Have a field in Hours table (_kf_clients_id) set to Auto-Enter the value from Jobs table that doesn't seem to be working as advertised.  Have a layout based on a TO named Jobs_Hours.

The left portal is from Personnel_Jobs and the right one is from Hours_SelectedJobs.

Portal.png Relationship Graph.png

  In adding date and hours to the right portal, the Client_id (36) doesn't get copied into the Hours table from the Jobs table.  It brings over 3 instead.

                  On entry into Layout                                           Click in Date field to add record

Entry to Layout.png Click to add record.png

                   Record committed

On Commited.png

Have other Portal issues that don't look right, but would like to get this one figured out first.