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Clients cannot see databases hosted by FileMaker Server

Question asked by shoff on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by FileKraft

I  deployed FM Server 16 (latest update) from a dedicated FM Server Host (Mac) running High Sierra MacOS on a LAN.  Clients running latest version of FM Pro 16 can see the name of the server when launching "Open Remote," but they cannot see the served files.  Admin Console shows that everything is properly running.  As a test, I launched FM Pro 16 on the same Host computer and the Open Remote command instantly sees the name of the server AND the served files appear on the files list.


I verified that port 5003 is open and dedicated to FM and no other program is shown to be also using port 5003.  The Host computer's firewall is turned off and no other utility software is running on the Host Computer.


Am I missing something "small" that I've overlooked?  I've never seen this problem in the past and Customer Support was unable to find a solution to this problem.   Thanks!