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Setting Default Custom Menu

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Malcolm

Hi Folks,



Has anyone found a work around to scripting a way to set the “Default Menu Set for this file” that is found in the “File>Manage>Custom Menus? It just seems to me that if you can manually set the default there might be a way to change this in one location by a script.


I have looked at past posts on this and think I will need to set the Custom Menu Set for each layout when entering that layout.


Secondly, is there any concerns as far as the placement of the Install Custom Menu Set within the Go To Navigation/layout script. Example: Before setting the Screen Sizing/Lock down window options or after?



Go to Screen 1

Install Menu Set

Show/Hide Text Ruler

Allow Formatting

Allow Formatting Bar

View As

Set Zoom Level

Adjust Window