Database design report problem

Discussion created by JoeSand on Mar 13, 2018
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I have a problem after installing fm16, the same problem I had when I installed fm15 a long time ago:  The Database Design Report won't create an HTML version because I'm missing a folder/files from my installation.  I haven't a clue why this happens, but I never figured out what the problem was with FM15, but found a "solution"... I copied the missing folder from an earlier fm11 installation and inserted it into FM15. 

The missing folder is .../extensions/english/ddr/, and contains several files that I assume (knowing next to nothing about xml or html) are responsible for format of the report.  Presuming this is the case, is it fair to assume that these files must have changed a bit since fm11, and that by using files from the old installation I might be missing something from the report?  This old directory works with fm16, by the way...  Anyone willing to zip up this DDR folder and transmit it to me by whatever means?

It would feel better to get to the bottom of why this happens, but since this workaround seems to work fine, this is the simplest answer.