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ESS MySQL Table - Containers & Field Data Conversions

Question asked by mprythero on Mar 14, 2018

I'm at a point that seems to have me stuck no matter where I go and I'm beginning to wonder if there's an easier/actual way of going about this.


I have an ESS MySQL Table, it's relatively simple and only really handles checkins to a delivery office. We only ask name, contact information, and for a signature. Now, this is extremely easy when handled solely in Filemaker, but because of a new system we're using in another portion of the office, I am now asked to work the data into a MySQL table.


Obviously the text fields are easy, but I'm not sure how to do two items...


1) With the signature field, because of record retention for agents, we must maintain the signatures for a year before being archived in back, but the issue for me is that I cannot create a container field to use on the iPad up front for signatures. Or is there a way that I just am not aware of? Also, the image itself would not be saved to the database, it would be saved as the text filename of the image of the signature that is stored externally after signing.


2) I have created_at timestamps (because there is a long wait sometimes and drivers want to see how far down they are (or how long they have to wait). Now I thought this would be easy but apparently not, I don't want to add more columns than absolutely necessary to the MySQL database, and if I already have a created_at timestamp field, is there a way to only pull the time into a portal row? Because at the moment I'm getting a full date, something similar to Friday, March 9, 2017 3:11PM - is there a way to pull just that 3:11PM? I can't create anymore fields obviously so I was wondering if there was a way to just format the created_at field in Filemaker to do just that.




Is there a way I could just keep a Filemaker-only table and ESS table in sync?


Thank you for any help or advice.


Best - Matt