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JDBC says file is damaged, recovery doesn't help

Question asked by ScottWalker on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by beverly

Hi -

I use JDBC to access FileMaker files using R and the RJDBC package. I was running a SELECT query on a table that would hang every time I tried it. Queries on other tables were working fine. I had to terminate R to get out of the command a few times. After a few tries, I started getting this error in R whenever I try to connect to this database (just connecting to the database, not running a query):

(805): File is damaged, use recover

I closed the file on the server, ran recovery on it (which found no errors) and reuploaded the recovered file. I am still getting this error trying to connect to this database. I can connect to other databases on the server with no problem. Any ideas on how can I fix this issue?