Auto-Enter Advice please...

Discussion created by roryduffy on Mar 14, 2018
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I have a very simple auto-enter requirement.


I have 2 fields, called "Q" and "Value".

Then I have a 3rd field called "Subtotal".

All 3 fields are number fields, in the same table.


The "Subtotal" field is set to auto-enter by calculation:

Q * Value.


I want the Subtotal to update if I change any of the values in Q or Value *but* I want the option to override the Subtotal.

e.g., If I put

Q = 2

Value = £12

Then I want it to auto-enter £24 as the Subtotal.

Then I want to have the option to change the Subtotal to £30 if I want to.
But if I then change the Q to 3, I want the Subtotal to change to £36.


If I have "Do not replace existing value of field (if any)" checked, it won't let me change £24 to £30 if I want to.

Yet, I've tried doing the following to allow the field to be driven by Q and Value if I need it to be:

- "Validate data in this field" set to Always

- Unchecked "Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty"


Am I missing something obvious? Basically, I'm trying to get Q and Value to drive the Subtotal, but then have the option of override the Subtotal (i.e., change the Subtotal, but then have Subtotal auto-update if 1 of the other 2 fields are changed).