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Data in field disappearing

Question asked by jaywalker7 on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by jaywalker7

When I am adding data into a field, it disappears as soon as I click away from that field. This is only happening with data from one category in my database - when I copy and paste those same fields that are related to the same thing from a different category, the data stays and everything works perfectly.


The data seems to be disappearing to a table for the related records- when I add data and it goes away, it adds another record to this table


Any idea what could be going on? I cannot figure it out. It isn't a layout problem, I can switch to layouts that have this same related field thing, but the data still doesn't work for this one category. I also don't think it's a scripting problem, as I have run through the script debugger and there aren't any differences between the categroies that work and those that don't. I think it's a storage issue, im just not sure how filemaker is storing this data.