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What Filemaker factors affect upload speed into a container field via WebDirect?

Question asked by tcwaters on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by schamblee

First off, I know that the network is usually the biggest bottleneck when it comes to speed issues.  My question is about the Filemaker specific aspects of improving upload speed of documents in a WebDirect solution.


I've been asked to build and implement a new solution for our faculty to use for an internal grant review process.  The basic process is really basic. The faculty enters a bit of data, and then uploads their grant proposal as a Word document into a container field. A reviewer is identified, and the reviewer reads the doc and uploads their notes. The submitting faculty then gets the notes.


My experience of uploading to container fields in a WebDirect solution hasn't been ideal. With files that can range in size, the upload can be slow.  Ignoring all of the factors I can't control, and focusing on the ones I can- how can I improve this upload speed? 


We currently use a two box set up, and each server is 4CPU with 8GB RAM. We use container fields that are externally stored.


Would more CPU's or more RAM improve the upload speed to a container in a WebDirect solution?