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FM16 Mobile insert image bug

Question asked by Jean-Francois on Mar 14, 2018
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Host Win2012r2


win7 with FM16

container field save picture on server, not a reference (anyway insert from device will only work if the file is saved on server, right?)


FM mobile 16 ios 11


I have a standard contener field with jpg option to insert picture from the iphone.


Insert from the camera roll or new picture same result.


User add the picture, save modification to record, image is in the field.


Open the desktop version, field show a white rectangle, no picture, but the name of the picture is good. Export field containt works but image is invalid/corrupt file size is around 1-2meg standard for the picture.


Open from another device runing ios9 with FM mobile 15... no picture, just the white rectangle.


Open the file with the original iphone8 fmm16 go to that record... Image is displayed !?! What is wrong ??


on the same record, another picture was had using the fmm15 and it's working, on fmm16 all pictures show.


We use the same methode since fm14 and it work, untill my partner upgraded to a new iphone8+ And upgraded FMM.


Bug ?? Something wrong with fmm16? Ios11 ??