Set up SVG in Illustrator, import to FMP and fill in fields

Discussion created by lindseym on Mar 14, 2018
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I am using Filemaker Pro 14.0.6.


I want to create a template name tag in illustrator with a given design, and then import the SVG into FMP and have FMP grab the appropriate fields. Long term there will be something like 100 different templates I will need to use.



I know this has to do with creating layers in Illustrator, naming them something specific, and then somewhere in FMP creating those same names for field contents and having them point to one another.


I was able to create a container field and load the "template" but I'm getting this instead of the preview I am expecting:


What I expect to get is design from my artboard:




With the goal of being able to fill in <<>> with data from FMP.



Here is the SVG settings I have:



Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some words to search for? Everything  Ihave seen with SVG is in regards to icons.