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Creating A New record

Question asked by brad9 on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by jbrown

This question probably has a simple answer, but I am struggling to try and figure it out.  Here is the scenario, I am creating a database to use within a community center.  From the initial contacts layout (demographic info), i have a button that goes to a survey that we have the individuals take.  This survey is from a different table and using a different layout.  The 2 tables are related via a Primary and Foreign Key.  On the Survey Layout, I have placed a button to make a "New Record".  With this, I want ti create just a new record within the Surveys Table and not a New Record within the Contacts Table.  When this button is used, it is in fact creating a new contact record and not a new survey record for the specified person within the contact table.  I am using a simple New record script of "New Record/Request" and then going to a specific field on the layout.  But as I stated, this is creating a new contact record and not a new survey record.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.