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Developing FileMaker C++ Plugins : FMX_Extern Attach & ScriptTriggers

Question asked by NateBrock73072 on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by MikhailEdoshin

Greetings FM Developers,


I am working on a custom plugin that will need to use or detect the events that ScriptTriggers take advantage of like onExitField, onModeChange, onRecordCommit, and so on.


Are there additional flags that I can use to enroll a script created by a FileMaker C++ Plugin Function to on of these events. The only real events that I am seeing in their headers documentation for the FMWrapper.framework is these below. Is there a way to tie to a ScriptTrigger without actually going into 40+ layouts and adding the custom plugin function to be evaluated. Hopefully, there are additional kFMXT Flags that are not listed here in the comments.


I almost with they had a start script procedure that included that layout name and the required ScriptTrigger event flag.

My only other option is to create a loop reading Get(ActiveFieldName) or one of these Get() function values to detect  changes. <-not my favorite idea. Wishing for something a little more classy like a event listener type function.


Any information would be helpful.


Take care,



    //kFMXT_Init                            FMX_Application value       App vers unicode c str*         [unused]

    //  kFMXT_Idle                         FMX_IdleLevel value         Session ID                      [unused]

    //  kFMXT_External                  [unused]                    Funct str index                 Parameter text**

    //  kFMXT_Shutdown               [unused]                    [unused]                        [unused]

    //  kFMXT_DoAppPreferences  [unused]                    [unused]                        [unused]

    //  kFMXT_GetString                 FMX_Strings value           Windows lang ID                 Maximum size of string to return

    //  kFMXT_SessionShutdown   [unused]                    Session ID                      [unused]

    //  kFMXT_FileShutdown           [unused]                    Session ID                      File ID