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Best method of scheming my data to work with two project variants

Question asked by evance on Mar 15, 2018

I already have given this some thought and also asked a FM developer how he would approach this (thanks erolst!) but I would like to get your opinions on this as well just to make sure I'm on the right path since adjusting my solution will take some effort and I want to do things right from the start...


This database holds school-related records and will manage everything from teacher & students (Contacts) to courses (Projects) with their corresponding contents (Modules & Submodules) to specific classes (Events).


We handle two separat course- / project-types:


  1. Simple Project (Project -> Module -> Event)
  2. Complex Project (Project -> Module -> Submodule -> Event)


Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-15 um 13.13.31.png


The complex project has semsester and exams tied to the submodules (see screenshot) while the simple project just has a bunch of modules. The event are either tied to the modules or to the submodules. Thus I could either create two different branches of TOs and tie the events to either id_Submodule or id_Module or I could see that the data sctructure incorporates both and just create 'fake' Submodules within the simple projects to create the relation between Modules and Events.


My questions:


  • Which approach would you choose? Why? Any major downsides?
  • Have you had experiences with similar structures?


Thanks for your opinions!!