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Weird quirk- label printing from pc

Question asked by sfarnsworth on Mar 15, 2018
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I have a print script set up that allows to print barcodes on labels. The part of the office that has Macs don't ever seem to have an issue. However, when printing from the PC it has developed a strange quirk to where it doesn't print the records browsed, and the labels have shifted to the top edge.


First time about 2-3 weeks ago:

Server had been restarted

I couldn't get the labels to print all of the records on both Mac and PC. so I debugged from my Mac and got it working and then it started working on the PC again. and worked fine till...

Just now:

The PC had been restarted but not the server

Not all of the records being browsed were printing on the PC. Tried printing from a Mac and it worked with no issue. Tried printing from PC again and it worked with no issue. 


The server restart and the PC restart are the only things that I could find that were out of the ordinary. Is there something I might be missing or questions that I'm not asking that may cause this?