Opinions on feasibility of WebDirect-based app

Discussion created by ScottWalker on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Johan Hedman

Hello -

We are considering development of a mobile web survey tool for users that would use WebDirect access only. It would be used to administer surveys where the users would need to upload photos. We have a prototype that works fine in limited testing, but we have not previously designed our databases to use WebDirect primarily, and on mobile devices. I'm looking for some opinions:

  • Is there some reason to totally avoid a solution like this?
  • We want to have a seamless login process with ability to click on a link and be taken to a landing page requiring a single login. What is the best way to do that?
    • Store username/password in a table in a database of pre-created respondent records. Set file to autologin to a basic "login" user, send user to a login layout and use a find to identify the correct customer record.
    • Create individual users for all respondents. Set file to autologin and then use re-login to authenticate.
  • Is there any way to control the photo size before upload when using WebDirect? The prototype uses an Insert File step so the user can take a photo with their mobile device. We can't use the FM Go step Insert From Device that has options to control resolution of the image. The idea here is to reduce the file size on the user's end so that it is faster to upload. I know we can make the container reduce the image with GetThumbnail(), but we want to control the image size before it gets uploaded, but without making the user change their camera settings.