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Getting data into web direct via the following method.

Question asked by hankshrier on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Lisa Rose

I have a user who needs to send me the following data string. The idea is to locate the file, create a record, and populate a field using the xml code below.  I can easily parse the data and create variables to populate the record.  For some reason, the URL Won’t work.  This is NOT my forte.  I’m open to suggestions to fix the problem.


If I made any errors, you won’t hurt my feelings by telling me.  If anyone is successful, please let me know


Thanks.  Here is the URL.

https//<record><nameFirst>Fred</nameFirst><nameLast>Flintstone</nameLast><address>1585 Rubble Lane</address><zip>90210</zip><amount>156.95</amount><invno>1492</invno><email></email></record>