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Disconnect specific types of Clients via CLI

Question asked by twelvetens on Mar 16, 2018
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I have a scheduled script that runs to disconnect all clients from Filemaker Server before a load of scheduled FM scripts run. This works fine, and is really useful, because we don't want any client connections left open when the nightly scheduled scripts run.

There is an exception to this though, sometimes people will fire off a PSoS script that we DON'T want to be included in the scheduled disconnection each night.


At the moment, the disconnect process is ver simple; a one line batch file with 'fmsadmin disconnect client' command (no client numbers specified). I know I can list all the clients using 'fmsadmin list clients' - and I can see with my clever human eyes which clients are PSoS scripts and which are not, but does anyone know how I could script this process to list the clients, and then selectively only disconnect clients which are NOT PSoS script instances?

If the server was running on OSX (It's not - it's running on WinServer2K12) then I guess I could use grep or something like that, but my windows batch scripting skills are............... lacking somewhat.


Any help gratefully received!