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Sort Speed: Local Variables, Unstored Calculations, Daily Refresh

Question asked by pmccudden on Mar 16, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


Like many people out there, I'm concerned about sort speed. Especially so since a decent amount of my users are connecting from an Island with slow internet speeds. Ideally the sorting would be done on the server, which I know can't happen (or at least very limited in what it can do).


So to this end, I'm eliminating all Unstored Calculations possible. The problem is that I do need some calculations to be happening daily. Mainly lots of fields that are counting down days until a certain date. These fields only need to be updated once a day (or on a specific date field change), but I'm not sure the best way to go about that. I've considered using local variables instead of unstored fields, but it doesn't seem to increase the speed at all. I found this answer to a different question that looks at the speeds between global variables and global fields. Seems that global fields calculate faster than global variables, so not sure if local variables will be the answer (also not sure how related this is...) For reference, I'm thinking of using local variables like bjbk says here (second answer)


I've searched the internet for best ways to do this, but the answer I keep on getting is: just don't use unstored calculations.


Any thoughts on what the best method here would be?